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Handbook of Global Education Policy


This new handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the ways in which domestic education policy is framed and influenced by global institutions and actors. It is edited by Karen Mundy, Andy Green and Antoni Verger and published as a 630 page and 32 chapter volume by Wiley-Blackwell. Book

  • Surveys current debates about the role of education in a global polity, highlights key transnational policy actors, accessibly introduces research methodologies, and outlines global agendas for education reform
  • Includes contributions from an international cast of established and emerging scholars at the forefront of the field thoughtfully edited and organized by a team of world-renowned global education policy experts
  • Each section features a thorough introduction designed to facilitate readers’ understanding of the subsequent material and highlight links to interdisciplinary global policy scholarship
  • Written in an accessible and engaging style that will appeal to domestic and international policy practitioners, social scientists, and education scholars alike

These are some of the early reviews of this book:

“This is a remarkable editorial achievement. By bringing together some of the best known writers on global education policy, this volume does the international educational community an invaluable service. Those wishing to deepen their understanding of the complex mechanisms and processes that drive education policy in this new global era will find much in this book that will engage, challenge, and provoke them. An essential overview for students and seasoned researchers alike.”
Ronald G. Sultana, Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research, University of Malta

“The editors and contributors are eminent scholars, who have been working in the research of the education policies for years. They profoundly understand and are able to write about global changes in the field. This book is essential reading for everyone with an interest not only in education policy research but also more widely across education policy and international policy.”
Risto Rinne, Center for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education and Department of Education, University of Turku

I wrote chapter 7 “Global Educational Reform Movement and its impact on Schooling” in this book.

More details on the publisher’s website here.