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New book: Empowered Educators in Finland


My new book with Karen Hammerness and Raisa Ahtiainen titled Empowered Educators in Finland will appear in April as part of a series, with a main volume by Linda Darling-Hammond and Dion Burns: EMPOWERED EDUCATORS: HOW HIGH-PERFORMING SYSTEMS SHAPE TEACHING…

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New book: Beyond Bystanders


Beyond Bystanders calls for a shift in the professional self-image of teachers from agents of socialization to active advocates of human flourishing, social justice, and world betterment. The editors propose that it is irresponsible for teachers to posit themselves as bystanders and to conceive of globalization as something happening to them. Their role as educators in all disciplines must be to…

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New book: Hard Questions on Global Educational Change

20 January 2017

My new book “Hard Questions on Global Educational Change” is now published by Teachers College Press and available in all main bookstores. It is a very different book than Finnish Lessons 2.0 in many ways. Hard Questions is a joint effort with my Harvard University teaching team and our students during academic year 2015/2016 who took the HGSE course A319 with the same title. Students worked…

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Keskustelua Apusen seurassa


Apunen on uusi podcast-sarja, jonka juontajana on EVAn Matti Apunen. Sain kutsun olla sarjan avausjakson vieraana. Matti esitti johdantona mm. seuraavia kysymyksiäÖ Petämmekö itseämme Pisa-tuloksilla? Eikö pieni määrä markkinataloutta hyödyttäisi myös kouluja? Kuuntele ensimmäinen Apunen alla olevan linkin kautta.


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The Diane Silvers Ravitch Lecture Series

5 October 2016

The Diane Silvers Ravitch Lecture Series 2016 Lecture by Pasi Sahlberg “The inconvenient Truth About American Education”

October 13, 2016 at 7:30 PM in the Diana Chapman Walsh Alumnae Auditorium

Wellesley College’s Department of Education is proud to welcome Pasi Sahlberg for the Diane Silvers Ravitch Class of ’60 lecture on current issues in public education. His talk, entitled…

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Scotland’s International Council of Education Advisers


The world-leading education and business experts who will form Scotland’s new International Council of Education Advisers have been confirmed. The ten members have extensive experience advising educators and governments on education leadership, school improvement and reform in countries including the US, Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Malaysia,…

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Interview with the Lego Foundation

10 May 2016, Billund, Denmark:

The LEGO Foundation has interviewed Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish education expert and visiting professor of practice at Harvard Graduate School of Education, about his view on quality learning, school systems and standardised tests.

Q: How do you define quality learning?

A: Quality learning for me is when you infuse curiosity, active engagement and meaning-making…

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The Teaching Profession around the World Symposium

This spring our students of AT-103 at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) have studied teacher policies in six different education systems. With kind support from respective education authorities students have taken closer look at various aspects of the teaching profession in these jurisdictions. On Friday April 22nd we will have an unique opportunity to discuss these case studies with some of the education authorities…

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LEGO Prize 2016


Former schoolteacher Pasi Sahlberg is the winner of the LEGO® Prize 2016. Finnish Sahlberg wins for his work to improve the quality of children’s education worldwide. The price was presented at the LEGO Foundation’s annual LEGO Idea Conference in Denmark, which gathers academics, practitioners and representatives from educational organisations.

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Handbook of Global Education Policy


This new handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the ways in which domestic education policy is framed and influenced by global institutions and actors. It is edited by Karen Mundy, Andy Green and Antoni Verger and published as a 630 page and 32 chapter volume by Wiley-Blackwell. Book

  • Surveys current debates about the role of education in a global polity, highlights key transnational policy…

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