Here you’ll find additional information and updates to Finnish Lessons and education in Finland


Links to key Finnish education institutions

Ministry of Education and Culture

Finnish National Board of Education

CIMO Centre for Mobility and International Cooperation

Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ)

Confederation of Academic Professionals (AKAVA)

Finnish Institute for Educational Research (KTL)

Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (Karvi)


Key policy documents

Education in Finland: General information, NBE, 2008

National Framework Curriculum for Pre-School

Basic Education Act 1998

National Framework Curriculum for Basic Education

Allocation of Instruction time in Basic Education

National Framework for Before and After School Activities

Education and Research in Finland 2011 – 2016

National Framework Curriculum for Upper Secondary  Schools

National Qualification Requirements for Vocational Education and Training

Education of Immigrants in Finland

Publications by the Finnish National Board of Education (wide range of topics)

International Survey on Educational Leadership, NBE, 2012

Providing Education for the 2020s, NBE, 2012

School Meals in Finland, NBE, 2008

A Framework for Evaluating Educational Outcomes in Finland, NBE, 1999

Education Evaluation Plan 2012 – 2015, MOE, 2013


Selected publications

The Finnish Success in PISA – and some reasons behind it I (PISA 2000), University of Jyväskylä, 2002

Northern Lights on PISA: University of Oslo, 2004

The Finnish Success in PISA – and some reasons behind it II (PISA 2003), University of Jyväskylä, 2007

Northern Lights on PISA 2003: Nordic Council of Ministers, 2006

– Policy development and reform principles of basic and secondary education in Finland since 1968, World Bank, 2006

PISA06 (PISA 2006) Ministry of Education and Culture, 2008

Northern Lights on PISA 2006: Nordic Council of Ministers, 2009

The Finnish Education System and PISA, University of Helsinki, 2008

PISA09 (PISA 2009), University of Jyväskylä, 2010

Northern Lights on PISA: Nordic Council of Ministers, 2012

The School of Opportunities, NBE, 2011

School Leadership for Systemic Improvement in Finland, OECD, 2007

Finnish education in a nutshell, CIMO, MoEC and NBE, 2013

Special Education in Finland, SITRA, 2011

Teachers as leaders 2013 Pasi Sahlberg, 2013

PISA 2012, Ministry of Education, 2013


From other authors about Finnish education

– Testing, Testing by Lary Booi & J-C Couture, Alberta Views, September 2011

Steady Work: How Finland is building a strong teaching and learning system by Linda Darling-Hammond, 2009

Teacher Leader Effectiveness by Linda Darling Hammond & Robert Rothman, 2011


Documentaries and video clips

Strong performers and successful reforms in Education: Finland, OECD 2010 (19 minutes)

The Finland Phenomenon, Bob Compton film, 2011 (62 minutes)

Why education in Finland works?, AFT 2011 (6 minutes)

Finnish First, The Dan Rather Reports, HDNet (in iTunes), 2012 (60 minutes)

Behind the Scenes “Finland”, Dan Rather Reports, 2012 (5 minutes)

Finland’s formula for school success, Education Everywhere Series (6 minutes)

– Inside Man – Education Episode, CNN (Morgan Spurlock, 2013,  (45 minutes)