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Harvard Kennedy School

Location: Cambridge, MA, USA

Rethinking Government: Not bigger or smaller but smarter

Study Group led by Esko Aho

Session 1:  The Role of Education in Creating Global Competitiveness: The Case of Finland

Friday, February 8
Guest speaker: Pasi SAHLBERG, Director General of CIMO (Ministry of Education and Culture) in Helsinki, Finland, and winner of the 2013 Grewemeyer Award.

Background reading available here:

  • Sahlberg, P. 2006. Education reform for raising economic competitiveness. Journal of Educational Change, 7(4), 259-287.
  • Sahlberg, P. & Oldroyd, D. 2010. Pedagogy for economic competitiveness and sustainable development. European Journal of Education, 45(2), 280-299.
  • Sahlberg, P. 2012. Finland: A non-competitive education for competitive economy. In OECD: Strong performers and successful reformers – Lessons from PISA for Japan. Paris: OECD, pp. 93-111.


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