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Finnish education reform

Suomalainen koulutus tarvitsee selvän suunnan

19-10-2015 (yhdessä Peter Johnsonin kanssa) Koulutuksen ja tutkimuksen kehittämissuunnitelmasta luopuminen olisi paha virhe. Koulutuspolitiikka on tienhaarassa. Suomen menestys kansainvälisissä vertailuissa on laskussa, ja talouden kilpailukyky on heikko. Koulutusmenoja leikataan. Samaan aikaan opetusta halutaan uudistaa lisäämällä digitalisaatiota ja monipuolistamalla opetusmenetelmiä. Vähemmällä pitäisi saada aikaan…

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The Myth of Education Marketplace

Today education policymakers and politicians around the world face a twin challenge. Schools should do more with less, and at the same time, education systems should score higher in international education league tables. As a consequence, governments are looking for education policies and reform models from better performing countries, often by employing fashionable ideas, such as corporate management models, to catch up the leading…

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Just let me teach!  

Professional autonomy allows teachers in Finland to do what their peers in the U.S. can’t Imagine this: You spend a day in a typical American public school cruising from one classroom to another observing what teachers do. Then you do the same in Finland. What would you expect to see? Many things would probably look similar. But, without a doubt, you would notice one big difference: Teachers in Finland would be much less concerned…

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Myth of the Myth about Standardized Testing in the U.S.

“Education myth: American students are over-tested,” says the title in the Hechinger Report on 7 December 2015. That story covers the frustration of OECD’s education chief Andreas Schleicher after he attended recent education summit held at the White House. Schleicher concluded that the United States is not a country of heavy testing and that standardized testing is not the bottleneck for improvement. Wait a minute. So,…

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