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Pasi Sahlberg on Finland’s recent PISA results

For years following the release of the 2001 and subsequent PISA results, edutourists visited Finland hoping to uncover their secrets.  In the most recent survey, Finland's position had slipped from 2nd to 5th in reading, from 6th to 12th in mathematics and from 3rd to 5th in science.  I recently talked with Pasi Sahlberg to better understand what could have contributed to this fall in the rankings.  As former Director General…

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Overhaul of schools is the wrong diagnosis

Andy Hargreaves, Pasi Sahlberg and Dennis Shirley Boston Globe, 28 March 2014 Monday’s hot-off-the-press report on “The New Opportunity to Lead: A Vision for Education in Massachusetts in the Next 20 Years,” commissioned by the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, presents an erroneous diagnosis of the state of education in the Commonwealth and proposes remedies that are based on ideology, not evidence. While there…

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