Here you’ll find additional information and updates to Finnish Lessons and education in Finland


Updated material to the book

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Links to key education institutions

- Ministry of Education and Culture

- Finnish National Board of Education

- CIMO Centre for Mobility and International Cooperation

- Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ)

- Confederation of Academic Professionals (AKAVA)

- Finnish Institute for Educational Research (KTL)


Key policy documents

- Education in Finland: General information, NBE, 2008

- National Framework Curriculum for Pre-School

- Basic Education Act 1998

- National Framework Curriculum for Basic Education

- Allocation of Instruction time in Basic Education

- National Framework for Before and After School Activities

- Education and Research in Finland 2011 – 2016

- National Framework Curriculum for Upper Secondary  Schools

- National Qualification Requirements for Vocational Education and Training

- Education of Immigrants in Finland

- Publications by the Finnish National Board of Education (wide range of topics)

- International Survey on Educational Leadership, NBE, 2012

- Providing Education for the 2020s, NBE, 2012

- School Meals in Finland, NBE, 2008

- A Framework for Evaluating Educational Outcomes in Finland, NBE, 1999

- Education Evaluation Plan 2012 – 2015, MOE, 2013


Selected publications

- The Finnish Success in PISA – and some reasons behind it I (PISA 2000), University of Jyväskylä, 2002

- Northern Lights on PISA: University of Oslo, 2004

- The Finnish Success in PISA – and some reasons behind it II (PISA 2003), University of Jyväskylä, 2007

- Northern Lights on PISA 2003: Nordic Council of Ministers, 2006

Policy development and reform principles of basic and secondary education in Finland since 1968, World Bank, 2006

- PISA06 (PISA 2006) Ministry of Education and Culture, 2008

- Northern Lights on PISA 2006: Nordic Council of Ministers, 2009

- The Finnish Education System and PISA, University of Helsinki, 2008

- PISA09 (PISA 2009), University of Jyväskylä, 2010

- Northern Lights on PISA: Nordic Council of Ministers, 2012

- The School of Opportunities, NBE, 2011

- School Leadership for Systemic Improvement in Finland, OECD, 2007

- Finnish education in a nutshell, CIMO, MoEC and NBE, 2013

- Special Education in Finland, SITRA, 2011

- Teachers as leaders 2013 Pasi Sahlberg, 2013


From other authors about Finnish education

Testing, Testing by Lary Booi & J-C Couture, Alberta Views, September 2011

- Steady Work: How Finland is building a strong teaching and learning system by Linda Darling-Hammond, 2009

- Teacher Leader Effectiveness by Linda Darling Hammond & Robert Rothman, 2011


Documentaries and video clips

- Strong performers and successful reforms in Education: Finland, OECD 2010 (19 minutes)

- The Finland Phenomenon, Bob Compton film, 2011 (62 minutes)

- Why education in Finland works?, AFT 2011 (6 minutes)

- Finnish First, The Dan rather Reports, HDNet (in iTunes), 2012 (60 minutes) This is my favorite!

- Behind the Scenes “Finland”, Dan Rather Reports, 2012 (5 minutes)

- Finland’s formula for school success, Education Everywhere Series (6 minutes)

- Inside Man – Education Episode, CNN (Morgan Spurlock, 2013,  (45 minutes)